What is contodeo ?




Contodeo is a payment service operated by w-ha. It's goal is to provide an easy and secured way to integrate credit card payment according PCIDSS specfications.


Purpose of this guide


This purpose of this guide is to explain functionnalities covered by contodeo and demonstrate their basic intégration.


You will find a basic list of uses cases that are covered by the service. All the examples are provided with code and the result display behind.


For beginner have a look to Gettting Started page.


Covered functionnalities


Here a simple list of covered functionnalities :


  • Simple transaction payment based on redirection
  • In-app credit card payment with look and feel customization
  • Wallet and credit card registration for later payments
  • Full API transaction life cycle management (authorization / confirmation / cancellation /refunding)
  • Interractive wallet transactions
  • Backend wallet transaction for registered card
  • Creation of billing template using plan and product
  • Interractive recurring payment subscription 
  • Backend recurring subscription for registered card
  • Subscription life cycle mangament by API







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